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Info for parents

Dear parents and fencers,
This happy day arrived! As you might know there is not so much information about fencing conveyed in a simple understandable and fun manner. 
Staff members of American Fencing Alliance (Michael Shender, Oleh Tretyak, Alex Fotiev, Alex Kushkov, Leo Yampolsky) though, put their effort together and created a nice piece of fencing art, called "Saber Fencing For Kids". It's a great book for parents who want to keep track of their kids progress in fencing and be on the same page with what their children learn.
It's also a perfect "introducing to a friend" book. Great any-occasion gift that you can use to get acquainted anybody with this strange beast, called - "fencing".
Now we have some more tricks up our sleeves to let our friends feel just as excited about our favorite sport as we are!
You can find the book at Amazon: kindle version or paperback:
 saber book
If you are interested in purchasing the paperback version, we have several copies at promotion price of $13.99 at the club. 
Make sure you ask coach Alex for the autograph in your copy :)
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