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  • Musketeers (4-6) Tuesday / Thursdays
  • Pirates (7-11) Thursday / Saturday
  • Jedi (12-17) Tuesday / Saturday
  • Adults (18+) Tuesday / Thursday

Non-competitive program

Fencing 101. This program is designed people of all ages. Dynamo beginners classes are divided by age and welcome their students ones or twice a week. Due to state regulations new members are required top buy basic set of needed equipment or rent from the club. Dynamo is proud to offer online and in-person classes.

*Individual lessons are required but not included in a monthly payment

*During the quarantine all individual lessons can not be cancelled 24h in advance

Competitive program

Dynamo competitive program is Nationally recognized and bringing a lot of good results its members. Recently Dynamo was placed second in the national medal count standing among youth saber results.

Our dynamic program is based on the US national and international competitive calendar and includes mandatory local and regional competitions.

Classes are scheduled Monday / Wednesday /Friday for the fall 2020. Please contact about placement for the new season

Beginner / Intermediate Monday / Friday

Advanced Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday

Online program

There is always the second side of the medal! Dynamo online classes during the pandemic time went great and brought new experience to our training process! We are honored to have guest coaches from around the world in our classes! We continue practicing online and offer classes for beginner/intermediate and advanced level fencers. Each package includes Master class with Olympic coach Artem Skorohod and live training with National athletic coach Sergei Putsov (UKR).

Elite Classes (13+) Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday (includes open bouts)

Elite program

The program is includes group and individual classes, open bouts, attending regional and national competitions. Saturday Zoom conditioning training is required.

This is the strongest group of advanced level fencers at Dynamo. Most members have national and international experience.

Send us email if you have any questions

Regular in-person classes schedule starts September 1.

Must stay home if anyone in your household has any one of the symptoms COVID, cold or flu! Tests are required for people attending out of state events (vacations, camps etc.) Please be responsible! General rules:

  • Limit the amount of students in each class
  • No new members are allowed in competitive classes until October 1
  • Time between classes will be used for air circulation and cleaning. Please leave right after class.
  • Parents and guardians are welcome to come and see classes anytime from the hallway. Or you can stay in the car. No parents in a gym during class.
  • Daily health check. Face masks in the club are required at all times.
  • Washing hands and hand sanitizers are available.
  • All fencers MUST have their own equipment. No shared stuff
  • Only pre-registered people are allowed in a class. If you are unable to see class in a schedule means it's full.
  • Private lessons and family discounts are available.


  • Silver        1/week - $150 per month
  • Gold          2/week - $240 per month
  • Platinum   3/week - $320 per month

Online classes start September 1st

  • Pre-registration is required. 
  • Private lessons are available in person and online.
  • ALL fencers in an online program must have a "dummy", saber, glove and open space (10 feet at least), 
  • Fencers enrolled in online classes only are required to fill out a conditioning chart with daily routine.


  • $150   Musketeers          (Beginner level 2 times week) 
  • $250  Advanced Class  (Intermediate/Advanced level 3/week, plus Saturday Workout with Sergei)

Ready to start fencing? Schedule today!


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